Lackluster Spree

The increasing heat, moving to Chicago, and starting a new job have taken their tolls on my motivation to do anything productive lately which really bums me out. I’ve been thinking less, making less, and doing less which really is not so positive. I think it is an adjustment period that will dissipate soon but it is still pretty odd and annoying. And of course at the beginning of every summer it can be tough to reintegrate your body to the warmth so many things crafty fall to the side.

In hopes to reverse this lackluster spree of existence I’ve set some goals and bought some tools. This summer I want to make at least five really and truly wearable garments including one pullover sweater, one cardigan, one skirt, one dress, and one top. Sewing my own clothes is something I have been wanting to work on for a while and right now I just need to jump in and do it.


These two patterns are the top contenders for the project.

As for the two sweaters I’ve just upgraded my interchangeable knitting needles from the flimsy and melty plastic Denise needles to the sleek and pretty Knit Picks Rainbow wood set. These new needles have me itching to make something lovely but I’m lacking specific direction at the moment.

DSCN9984I’ve also completed spinning about 200 yards of springy thick and thin (bulky to dk) 2-ply Polwarth yarn so I am on the hunt for a pattern that will highlight the texture of the yarn. Any suggestions for what to make would be amazing! I haven’t knit much with thick and thin yarn so I’m not sure what it will look best as.

For now, I’m slogging through some boring projects in order to clear my WIP conscience so I can purchase some new patterns and materials and rekindle my drive to create.


The Importance of Using Rad Project Bags

So I pinned a few tutorials on how to properly make a boxy bag and decided to make a few for project bags for my current WIPs. I’ve been using a drawstring canvas bag for my portable projects and though it has been functional I have been wanting something more flashy. I’ve been waiting all week for some free time to get cracking on these bags and today I finally had some.

I used some sparkly black material for the outside, red flannel for the lining, and a heavy duty jacket zipper not because it needs to be heavy duty but because it makes a cute little knitting project bag into a bad ass little knitting project bag.





This little guy is the perfect size for a travelling project and a few necessary notions.

I’ve also got a finished object to show this week. I’ve been working on these socks on and off for a month and half. They are in the University of Wyoming colors for my Mom. She works at the University and the people of Laramie, WY are constantly showing their support of the school through their apparel. I made a reverse of this pair in November (gold foot and brown heel, toe, cuff).

DSCN0060They are a worsted weight superwash wool and are incredibly smooshy.

A Few Updates

I have successfully created a skein of hand spun yarn! It is about 55 yards of thick and thin (unintentionally thick and thin) ranging from dk to bulky weight. Since I was just testing things out I spun until my spindle was full and split that single into two separate balls. One ball was an incredibly even dk weight. The other ball was the stuff I had spun first so it was much more wonky. The two combined for a really interesting texture, though. I plied the singles on my drop spindle.

2013-05-29 02.18.45


2013-05-29 02.18.51

Remember that cabled teal cardigan I was working on like six weeks ago? Well, I frogged it. I was a bit leery of the pattern to begin with because all of the pieces were worked separate and flat. I hate that. I also tried to make too many alterations to the pattern so the sizes of the pieces just didn’t match up. I’m using the yarn to make a mitered square crochet afghan instead. It is much less time consuming and I know it will fit.


The scrap busting granny square afghan is well on its way also. I finished the 154 squares and have pieced together four of the eleven rows. I am using a granny stitch join to avoid the ridges of a single crochet join. This is going to be the largest project I have ever completed! My calculations suggest it is going to be about the size of a double bed. (I hope.)


I’ve also had this tremendous urge to sew and buy fabric. Now that I am back at school and reunited with all of my sewing tools I can’t wait to get cracking on some quilt tops. I picked up all of these little half yards and yards for a buck a piece!2013-05-29 02.38.22