Seasons Greetings

I am usually by no means a seasonal creator. I knit, sew, spin, and mess around all year long but this summer has been a different kind of season. It has been so new and unexpected that the swarm of color saturated thoughts that usually cloud my mind have been absent. This summer was my final summer as a student, at least for a few years (maybe someday an MFA will seem useful). This summer was my first as a corporate pawn. This summer was my first spent living with my boyfriend and first time signing onto a lease and paying real adult bills. This summer was a ferocious turning point in my life and it has been felt in all aspects of my being. Combine these monumental adult changes with several complete project failures, this summer turned out to be one lacking in motivation to make anything.

The turn of the season and golden glow of my impending college graduation is helping me get back on track. I’m starting to remember what my hands are good at and learning what they are not. I’ve learned I’m an intuitive knitter and can read a piece of knit fabric as easily as I can read a novel. I cannot read a sewing pattern in the same way and that is something that I look forward to conquering soon. Knowing the scope of my limitations and abilities allows me to concentrate on the strides that can be made within my skill set rather than keeping me focused on the failed projects and attempts of the past.

As the colder seasons approach my list of things to make grows longer every day. My aim in making creating such a large part of my life is to make it a reliable source of clothing and income. By building skills now, I hope to make handmade garments as normal as possible in my life and those around me. Rejuvenating handmade culture even in a local manner is my goal and it is time to get back to it.