Let’s Talk About Stress

April is National Stress Awareness Month. This is an incredibly fitting time for me, as I am a student and this is generally known as crunch time. Professors bring out the big assignments, the weather is questionable, and the necessity to get summer plans squared away are all too present in my thoughts.

I usually am able to function pretty well under hectic conditions, thanks to my favorite DSCN9878activities knitting and crocheting. My mind is hardwired to attach to little worries and blow them up into big ones. When things get to be too overwhelming my best approach is to take time to completely remove myself from the situation that is causing the problem. I will close the essay I am writing or the application I am filling out, put my headphones on and grab my nearest needlework project. The music blocks my anxious subconscious from dominating my thoughts and the repetitive motion of stitch making allows my mind to wander. This wandering clears any trace of the concerns I was fretting over moments ago. Many times, after completing a granny square or cable repeat I will emerge from under my giant headphones and realize that I had come up with a solution to eliminate the worry I had been fretting about.

It is easy to lose your sense of self when you are buried in work but if you take a few moments to ignore the world and reevaluate your thoughts in peace, it will all fall into place.

What do you do to calm your mind?