Documented Failure

I am afraid of failure. Terrified actually. I also abhor the possibility of other people knowing about my failures. But I think it is time to confront this fear and show off my most recent disappointment.

So even! I love this half and it looks eerily similar to the Cascade sport-weight in my stash.

So even! I love this half and it looks eerily similar to the Cascade sport-weight in my stash.

Behold the yellow merino of my nightmares.

So. I began spinning this four ounce bump on my trusty drop spindle. The first half went well, fantastic even. The first two ounces yielded nearly 300 yards of mixed fingering and lace weight yarn. While I spun this first half I noticed that yes merino needs a higher spin and tended to react better when I moved through the process as quickly as possible.

UGH. Look at all of those horrifying nubs.

UGH. Look at all of those horrifying nubs.

Then came the second half of the bump. For some reason I couldn’t keep the spin fast enough, the fiber was constantly breaking, the plying process resulted in tons of little twisted bobbles that I cannot get rid of, and the fiber continued to break as I plied so I ended up with a multitude of tiny overhand knots holding the fragile fibers together. There are a few stretches of unmarred yards of usable yarn but I am so angry at the sight of all of those little knots that this skein may be going directly into the garbage can.

Here are some more up close shots of the disappointment skein.

DSCN9936 DSCN9938









Now what to do with 300 yards of nice yellow yarn and 300 yards of garbage yarn?


4 thoughts on “Documented Failure

  1. I find merino scary for the very problems you’ve experienced. What I would suggest is to ply this yarn with something else – kind of cabling it together.

    Make it into an art yarn. Add scraps of other yarns, let all the ends hang out, deliberately add bobbles and maybe feathers or beads or things like that. Go crazy.

    It might become your favorite yarn in the whole world.

    I adore that color, btw, so I wouldn’t trash it. But if you haven’t tried making art yarn yet, this is your chance to really let do and give it a shot.

    • Thanks for the encouragement and ideas! I was thinking about raiding my glass bead stash and seeing what I come up with. I think I have some snazzy cobalt blue beads somewhere that might really compliment the yellow.
      It is just so frustrating to spend such a huge amount of time on a project only to have it literally fall apart in your hands. Ah well, just gotta keep on moving to the next project! :]

      • I understand – I bought a braid of blue and white marino and tried to spin it on my kickspindle. It did the same thing to me. I’ve got it in a plastic bag, in a box, in the closet until I can get the courage up to ‘do something with it.’ The ideas I gave you are the ones I’m toying with. I’m leaning towards feathers. I’ve got a mean rooster that might have to give me his ruff to make up for all the sneak attacks. LOL

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