A Personal Homage to “Our Tools, Ourselves”

My absolute favorite thing to read blog-wise are Karen Templer’s posts from her blog, Fringe Association with the title “Our Tools, Ourselves.” It is such a great idea and a perfect look into a creator’s world. My favorite thing about crafts and making is all of the specialized tools. Tools are both visually enticing and of course functional.

Because I love “Our Tools, Ourselves” I wanted to lay out all of my main tools. They are simple and spare but I love them just the same.

I’d have to say my favorite tools out of everything would have to be my collection of aluminum straight knitting needles. They were passed down to me from a great aunt who was a frequent knitter and my great grandmother who was apparently a crafting genius.

What are your favorite tools? I’d love to see them!


10 thoughts on “A Personal Homage to “Our Tools, Ourselves”

  1. I’m thinking about tools a lot right now because I’m just getting started with spinning and need to invest in a few things.

    But I’ve also been agonizing about my dpns which are currently not stored well. I have a needle roll for my long straight needles, but the dpns are floating around in bags and other things, and I think it’s time to make them a roll of their own… Or something. I’d really like them to be more self-contained for taking on trips, but I also like the everything-in-one-place idea.

    Great pictures!

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