Keeping Cozy During the Never Ending Winter

I swear I have some real content a-brewing but for now I’ve got project updates galore. I’ve gotten into the habit of always having a pair of socks on the go for travelling/at work during downtime and I just finished a pair for my sister and promptly cast on another for my brother.

DSCN0084They are both in a dk weight acrylic knit on size 4 needles. Although I have come to see that knitting with acrylic really isn’t the most luxurious of experiences, it is a hard-wearing and cheap material that is great for making things that are likely to be lost by (relatively) small siblings. The purple stripes are for my sister and the blue for my brother.


DSCN0092After completing the Beurre shawl I began the infamous French Cancan shawl. I have had this shawl pattern on my radar for at least two years and finally decided to conquer it. I am using a soft grey wool/acrylic blend that I had left over from a Christmas sweater. Though this shawl won’t have quite as much drape as the original it will be incredibly cozy and perfect for wrapping tightly around your shoulders.

IMG_20140301_153952Moving beyond knitting, I finished the first half, about two ounces, of the Lemon merino. I ended up with 294 yards of fingering weight yarn. It is my most even spin to date and highest yardage from two ounces of fiber! I’m going to begin the other half this evening.

I have a question for other spindle spinners out there, have you ever used a Russian support spindle? What was it like? What fiber did you use? What fiber would you recommend? Do you recommend a certain spindle maker? I am really interested in trying a new spindle breed and am captivated by the action of spinning supported. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks!

7 thoughts on “Keeping Cozy During the Never Ending Winter

  1. That Lemon Marino is stunning!

    I don’t see a lot of yellow roving for some reason.

    I spin on a wheel, or a kick spindle, never tried supported spinning. I’m interested in how it works for you.

      • I got the kickspindle before I got my wheel. I really like it – it’s very easy to transport. I had someone make a base for it, it need to be a bit steadier.

        I spun several skeins of shetland wool and alpaca fiber on it. I wasn’t able to spin merino on it…or on a wheel or with a spindle.

        LOL I think it was me, not the merino.

        I keep it to travel with – there are a lot of places I wouldn’t take a wheel, but a kick spindle is perfect to travel with.

      • I love the kick spindle. However, the small base isn’t enough to stablize…at least not to my satisfaction. 🙂

        Somewhere on one of my blogposts there’s a photo of the kick spindle on it’s base.

        I’ve spun a LOT of shetland wool on it and quite a bit of alpaca.

  2. I have a Gripping Yarns Russian spindle, but since I already default to pretty fine singles, and it spins REALLY fast, I haven’t yet been able to produce much other than overspun frog hair on it. Not bad for cotton punis, though, and it’s very beautiful.

  3. I’m not usually a fan of yellow, but I love your yarn! That lemon is luscious.

    As for the Russian supported spindle: is it a baby version of a Navajo floor spindle? Not that I’ve used either, but I thought that might be another resource for you to tap as you try to find people with experience.

    PS How did you get your yardage measure? Via your niddy noddy?

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