2014 Goals and Knitting in Music

As this year draws to a close I have been working on a new list of goals for the upcoming new year and reflecting on the goals I set for myself in the past year. Last year at this time I set two goals and managed to follow through with both of them. They were to document all of my projects on Ravelry with photos, yarn choices, and patterns and to learn how to spin. I am happy to report that I learned to spin in July and have faithfully kept up my documentation of my projects! Woo!

For next year my goals remain in the same focus as the past year’s goals. Next year I hope to:

1) Spend more time spinning and learning new and proper techniques. I’d love to up my skills enough so that I can take on a fleece processing project and feel confident in what I am making.

2) Continue documenting all of my projects on Ravelry. I love going through my documented projects and seeing how my color tastes and skill levels have changed.

3) Release at least three patterns on Ravelry. I have one up at the moment and it has been so fun seeing the projects other people have made from my simple design.

4) Become a better sewer, both in the quilting and apparel making categories. At some point I’d love to take a year off of buying clothing and only wear things I’ve made. I want to be able to clothe myself and do it skillfully.

5) Get some writing published. No matter the subject matter or where it’s published, it just has to be somewhere besides this blog.

In the next year I hope to become a more socially and ecologically conscious fiber crafter. There is nothing more fulfilling than making something useful with your hands and  want to be a part of the making process in every way, shape, and form.

On that note I’ve been exploring some great music and a couple of them just so happen to feature groovy tunes and even groovier knitwear.

Typhoon–Young Fathers
This is the newest video from the orchestral pop-folk band and it features some very sculptural knitwear and textile laden costumes.

Childhood-Solemn Skies
I just found this psychedelic pop band on one of NME’s ‘Best of 2013’ countdown lists and I fell in love with their goofy video and incredible fashion and sweater choices. Hold on till the end for joy-filled frolicking in delicious fair-isle sweaters.

What are your goals for the upcoming year (fiber or non-fiber related)?



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