The Ultimate Sweater

Boden_10_medium2Today I stumbled upon my dream sweater whilst partaking in my usual morning Pinterest exploration (its like reading the newspaper for me). I rarely make anything for myself but I absolutely MUST indulge my selfish side after I finish my Christmas knitting and make this. It is called Boden by Amy Miller and looks to have been recently released. I love her other designs as well but this sweater is her finest work. It is simply constructed and thoughtfully crafted to maximize its timelessness.

I’m a sucker for a hi-lo hem and the shlumpy but chic shape of the piece really makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. I also really love that this cozy sweater could be transformed from a slouchy cuddling at home piece into a great casual date piece with the addition of some sleek skinny jeans and heeled booties.

In other knit news I’ve finally completed my boyfriend’s socks! I’ll have him send me a picture of him wearing them once they are delivered to him. I’m also onto the fifth and final piece of my Slade sweater. This weekend will consist of finishing that piece, blocking, and picking up the collar stitches. Hopefully I’ll have a finished sweater to show you sometime next week!

What are you working on this weekend?


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