Dedicated Knitting

This weekend marked a milestone. I finished my first Christmas jumper! It is the Zephyr that is intended for my mom. I began this piece on September 6 and finished it on September 28. Unfortunately I don’t think this sweater is going to fit just how my mom would like it to fit as she prefers baggy and shapeless so this close fitting cardigan might not be the best fit for her. I am planning on making another very simple, very comfortable cardigan for her. Apologies for the shoddy photos, my apartment is sorely lacking in the natural light department.


Even though I have finished a sweater I still have three more to go. I love the process of sweaters so I’m not too sad about the lost effort. If she doesn’t like this piece then I get to keep it so it works out either way. The yarn I used is  silky smooth and is like wearing a big hug.

I also started and completed a pair of little fingerless mittens for my brother for his birthday. Before I left for Ireland he gave me back the yarn I had bought for him to learn to crochet with (I taught him how to chain and that is all he wanted or cared to know how to bub mittsdo) and asked for me to knit him some mitts because the first pair I made him were wornout. I can hardly deny a request for a knitted item especially if its to replace a well loved piece! These will be hitting the post as soon as I can find a box and some chocolate bars to go along with them.

Today I am yarn shopping for my Dad’s Christmas sweater, Slade. I hope to get started on it tonight and aim to finish it in three weeks.

4 thoughts on “Dedicated Knitting

  1. Whoa, that sweater is just adorable! It really looks just like it must feel – a big hug! Your mom will likely adore it! And the color seems like it’ll go with everything.

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