Double the WIPs and One FO

When I first began knitting I had so many WIPs it was hard to keep track of everything. In the last year I’ve learned to be a monogamous knitter as I’ve found that focus is the best way to learn new techniques on new projects. But of course I had a relapse back to my old ways. I currently have a pair of socks and a sweater on the needles. In my defense the socks are my travel project because who wants to travel with a quickly growing sweater?


Socks for Austin
Pattern: Tracks by OzKnitter

I love the subtle leg ribbing throughout these. It adds some interest without being as time consuming as the all over 3×1 rib socks.


Mom’s Zephyr
Pattern: Zephyr by Tori Gurbisz

This is my first contiguous method sweater and so far I am pretty entertained by the construction. The puzzle of figuring out something new really gets me hooked on a project so I’ve been able to make a lot of progress rather quickly on this one.

DSCN0148My latest finished object are these wool socks. They are my second pair of hand knit socks and first pair for myself. I used a classic 3×1 rib pattern and Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport. I absolutely love wearing them! Though tragically after wearing them to bed the other night (Irish nights are a bit chilly) they came out in the morning all pilled up. I’m not really sure how they came to be this way but they still function as toasty socks so I will continue to wear them!


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