Let The Sweater Knitting Begin

Here in Galway, the weather is cold, damp and downright fall like. The cooler it is the larger the knitted pieces I want to make. While everyone I know at home is suffering through 100 degree plus weather I am enjoying a drizzly extended stay in one of the many knitter paradises around the world.

I promised my family I would make them all sweaters this year for Christmas (or birthday in the case of my sister) so it is time to begin. Within about three and a half months I have to knock out two adult sweaters and one brother sized sweater along with a couple of pairs of socks.

My family just moved to Wyoming so they are going to be needing some extremely warm sweaters to combat the fierce winds out there. These sweaters should do the trick since they will all be knit from a 20% Irish wool 80% acrylic blend yarn. They need warmth, durability, and machine washable capabilities so this yarn should work just fine.

Here are the sweaters I am going to be making.

For my Mom: Zephyr by Tori Gurbisz in a similar taupe color. This should be quite versatile and layer-able.


For my Dad: Slade by Michelle Wang in a heather-y black or deep green. The new Brooklyn Tweed collection is the best smattering of men’s patterns I have ever seen. If I had the time I would make all of the pieces for both my dad and boyfriend.


For my Brother: Shapely Boyfriend by Stephanie Japel in a deep green color. Of course this is going to need a lot of alterations to make a suitable boy’s sweater. There are next to no simple boys cardigan patterns available so I will be using this as a base.


Then if I have time I’d love to whip up this simple pullover entitled Brick by Clare Lee for myself in a cream Irish tweed.


This list is pretty ambitious but I’m hoping they will all go quickly thanks to the worsted and aran yarn weights they call for. Now to head to the yarn store and pick up my materials!




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