From Wyoming to Ireland

The month of August has been nothing but nonstop motion. I have been ping ponging around the world from Wisconsin to Illinois to Wyoming to Illinois once more and then finally to Galway, Ireland. All of this constant moving has left me little time to myself and has forced me to adjust to jarring situations. I’ve never been a very flexible person but I am always ready to tackle change. Adjusting to major changes is difficult but what we be if we couldn’t adapt?

This past month has brought a lot of emotion, stress, confusion, and elation. It has separated me from the love of my life and my family.  It has granted me the opportunity to take in a lot of beautiful scenery and see parts of the world that I may not ever have the chance to see again.

Just to warn you all I’ll be spending the next four months here in Ireland and will have many other photo heavy posts. I hope to get back to knitting soon as I have not had time between all the goodbyes and packing.

Here’s to a semester’s worth of sight seeing and knitting warm things to keep out the damp Irish weather.


5 thoughts on “From Wyoming to Ireland

  1. Good Luck and enjoy your time over there!!! It will go by fast 🙂 The pictures are beautiful!!! See you when you get back 🙂

  2. Have fun studying in Ireland! Did your family make the move to Wyoming?! Paul had talked about it last year! Brad went to school in Laramie, quite a dif. life than here in Illinois! Take care!!

    • Thank you I definitely will, it is beautiful here! My family did move to WY, our house is still unsold so my dad is going back and forth for a while till it gets sorted out but my mom works at the university now.
      That is really cool that he went there! It is incredibly different from IL but you can’t beat those mountains.

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