Sock Production


After getting my first paycheck from my radio job I decided to use a little to get a few unnecessary but wanted items. I have been wanting to start knitting socks but I’m not a fan of the DPN process. I picked up 2-At-A-Time Socks by  Melissa Morgan-Oakes at the library and decided that this was the method for me.


The first thing I needed to get a hold of was a set of long and little circular needles. I wanted something cheap just in case I didn’t end up using them as much as I planned. I took a risk and bought a set of thirteen sizes ranging from 0-8 with a length of forty-seven inches from Amazon for eighteen bucks. These needles hadn’t been reviewed so I have no idea what they will be like. The joins seem sturdy and pretty smooth just from looking at them and the cables are really flexible.


Then of course I had to stock up on sock yarn as I only have worsted and bulky weights in my stash. I picked up some Patons Kroy in a camouflage colorway for my brother, some Joann Sensations Breeze in a juicy pink colorway for my sister, and some Hobby Lobby brand yarn in blue for my boyfriend.

I can’t wait to get started! I hope to have my brother’s socks completed by the weekend.

What method do you use to knit socks?


6 thoughts on “Sock Production

  1. wow – that is an ambitious timeline you are creating for yourself! Love the yarn – great choices. I am trying a new method of knitting socks, from the toe up, instead of calf down. I think I like it better, but I am still working on sock number one. We will see if I can get sock number two to look sock number one! I haven’t tried the two at a time method yet, but it looks interesting.

    • Thank you! I hope everyone likes what I’ve picked out for them.

      I have yet to try toe up but it is definitely on my list of things to test! I’m amazed by the overall construction techniques used in socks! It is so exciting to watch them form in your hands.

  2. I like knitting my socks on dpns, cuff down. I’m old fashioned, I guess! I’m used to my sticks. I tried magic loop but didn’t like having all that extra cable from the circular needle.

  3. I have promised myself I’ll do them on two needles next year. But, I still love DPN’s. They take great photos! 🙂 AND everyone always wonders how I knit on them. ALWAYS get at least a few questions. But, they were actually one of my first projects when I started knitting though. Still feels very natural to me to knit on four needles. I know…weird.

    • You know I actually love using DPNs for much the same reasons as you do but for whatever reason I have severe second sock syndrome. I’m hoping that this new two at a time method will help me cure it!

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