Bass Ranch Wool

DSCN9883 (2)

The front of the skein.

Recently a family friend gifted me a lovely hand dyed skein of luxury yarn. This yarn hails from Fishtail, MT from the Muddy Lamb Studio. It is 209 yards of merino wool that has been plied with a strand of silk. The colorway is called Muddy Sky and the main color is a light teal with a chocolate accent.

Thanks to the silk and the top quality Merino wool this yarn is so soft to the touch. I have no idea of what it wants to be yet but I have been searching through my Ravelry favorites for something suitable.

The back side of the skein.

The back side of the skein.

In between hunting for a pattern I have been researching the production line of this yarn and what I have found is really pleasing to a wanna-be-eco-conscious crafter. The wool used in all of the Muddy Lamb Studio yarns are produced at Bass Ranch in Montana. Carol Bass owns both the studio and the ranch. The ranch is home to over a hundred sheep and a few llamas and goats.

The fiber produced on the ranch is then sent to two mills that pride themselves in producing fine quality processed fiber with an emphasis on sustainability. These two mills are Mountain Meadow Wool Mill and Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool. Mountain Meadow Wool prides itself in using “citrus based detergents; recycling our wash water and using natural dyes.” The Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company’s mill is solar powered and refuses to use chemical based detergents when washing raw fleece. Both mills produce their own high quality lines of fiber products that are worth taking a look at.

I’m happy to be supporting small companies doing the right thing by knitting with this thoughtfully produced yarn. I plan on purchasing from the Muddy Lamb Studio and directly from the mills very soon for myself.


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