Yardage and Fluff

The only fiber purchase I have ever made is a 1lb bag of ecru Portuguese wool top. I bought this when I bought my spindle and I have been making my way through it since then. This one pound bag was meant to be experimented with and that is exactly what I have been doing.

Once I figured out the initial spinning technique it was time to get down to business. I spun up about five ounces of incredibly thin singles so I could practice plying techniques. Here is my very first two ply yarn (the fat one) compared to my second two ply yarn (the skinny one).

DSCN9862 (2) DSCN9865 (2)

It is amazing what a difference a little bit of practice can do. Next I tested out the navajo ply method. I love the way the yarn looks with this ply, it seems more professional/commercial looking without looking mass produced. Of course I could still use some practice with this technique. It is really a challenge to do this with a light spindle. It got easier as the spindle gained more weight from the yarn.

DSCN9868 (2)

After working with cream roving for a while I have been craving some color. I split up the rest of my 8 ounces of roving into 1.5 and 2 ounce pieces and used kool-aid to experiment with color. I’m amazed at how bright the colors turned out. I did a rainbow piece, a red orange gradient, a teal-purple, and a darker red with a bit of purple.

DSCN9855 (2)

I have been working on spinning the red-orange-yellow gradient and I am loving how it is turning out. The red tones are really vivid and heathered with hints of orange and yellow.

DSCN9856 (2)

Of course I couldn’t wait to get spinning with my new colored roving so I didn’t snap any pictures of the rainbow piece until it had made its way into a completely finished yarn. I got about 90 yards of DK weight two ply yarn from 1.5 ounces of roving.

DSCN9858 (2) DSCN9864 (2)

Spinning with colorful fluff is so exciting because you really don’t know how it is going to look until it is all complete. I am definitely going to have to bulk up my stash soon because I know these colorful pieces won’t be waiting for long to be spun.

10 thoughts on “Yardage and Fluff

  1. gorgeous! I’ve been meaning to try my hand with a drop spindle, but haven’t been brave enough. Love the wonderfully vibrant earthy colors of your last skeins.

    • Thanks so much! You should definitely give spinning a shot. It is a lot easier than I expected and way more addicting than I could have ever dreamed of. All it takes is a little muscle memory and you are off!

  2. Love the rainbow coloured yarn! It looks perfect for a fall or winter cowl. I always admire people who spin because they produce so beautiful yarn but there is nothing attracting me to doing it myself. I think when it comes to yarn I’m rather a buyer than a maker 😉

    • Thank you! A cowl would be lovely for this yarn as it is really soft but my sister has already claimed it by asking me to make her some mittens.

      Yarn makers always need yarn buyers so you are in a good position :]

  3. Your spinning is gorgeous, and the colors are delicious! I’m impressed that you can navajo ply on a spindle. I recently learned to Andean ply on the spindle, and I feel like it takes 3 hands 🙂

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