I’m All About Shawls

Sometimes I get into a groove in my crafting. I’ll delve into the world of afghans or sweaters for months at a time and finally emerge and realize the creative monogamy I had been living in. This kind of realization occurred last night when I completed my monstrous granny scrap blanket. I had been in an afghan groove and had not come up to for air since January. My last four Ravelry projects have been afghans! Of course I have chosen a new thing to be obsessed with. This time its shawls.

Shawls used to really bother me because I had no idea how to wear one so that made it seem frivolous to even consider knitting one. Now I really appreciate their beauty, it is the perfect canvas to experiment with color and lace and cables and all that good stuff knitters love. I am going on a road trip to Colorado next week (16 hour drive) and it will be the perfect time to get some serious knitting done on my first semi-complex shawl.

This is the Simplicity Triangle Shawl Pattern by Aga Paul and it is my road trip pattern. I am making it in a maroon wool and will be gifting it to a family friend. I can’t wait to get started! I am also planning my next shawl project as well. I’m so deep in this groove it might as well be a canyon.



Do you get into a similar kind of groove with your crafting? If so what is your current one?


6 thoughts on “I’m All About Shawls

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