A Few Updates

I have successfully created a skein of hand spun yarn! It is about 55 yards of thick and thin (unintentionally thick and thin) ranging from dk to bulky weight. Since I was just testing things out I spun until my spindle was full and split that single into two separate balls. One ball was an incredibly even dk weight. The other ball was the stuff I had spun first so it was much more wonky. The two combined for a really interesting texture, though. I plied the singles on my drop spindle.

2013-05-29 02.18.45


2013-05-29 02.18.51

Remember that cabled teal cardigan I was working on like six weeks ago? Well, I frogged it. I was a bit leery of the pattern to begin with because all of the pieces were worked separate and flat. I hate that. I also tried to make too many alterations to the pattern so the sizes of the pieces just didn’t match up. I’m using the yarn to make a mitered square crochet afghan instead. It is much less time consuming and I know it will fit.


The scrap busting granny square afghan is well on its way also. I finished the 154 squares and have pieced together four of the eleven rows. I am using a granny stitch join to avoid the ridges of a single crochet join. This is going to be the largest project I have ever completed! My calculations suggest it is going to be about the size of a double bed. (I hope.)


I’ve also had this tremendous urge to sew and buy fabric. Now that I am back at school and reunited with all of my sewing tools I can’t wait to get cracking on some quilt tops. I picked up all of these little half yards and yards for a buck a piece!2013-05-29 02.38.22


6 thoughts on “A Few Updates

    • Thank you so much! And yeah it was a LOT. Luckily I love granny squares so I was never too bored. I kept plenty of side projects to occupy myself in between too!

    • Thank you so much! Since this is my first bit of handspun I think I am going to use it to test different dyeing techniques so I have no knit plans for it as of now! Although, I did knit a little swatch from it and was the coolest experience to knit my own handmade yarn.

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