A New Project


After purchasing the Fireside pattern by Amy Christoffers I decided that I would much rather try some complex cables than fiddle with lace. So I took a look in my Ravelry favorites and found the Must Have Cardigan from Patons. I have been rather wary of trying an all over cabled sweater because I love to knit while watching a show and it is really a challenge to pay attention to a tricky knit pattern and keep up with a show. To resolve this problem I did a little extra work.


2013-04-19 03.00.20

I re-typed out the entire pattern line by line so it would contain all of the necessary information without having to flip flop between pattern charts and line pattern instructions and I have been watching old favorites on Netflix, so if my attention wanders to my pattern I won’t be missing anything. This system works especially well with my dual monitor set-up.


I started this cardigan last Sunday evening and have completed the left front piece and have just begun the right.

2013-04-19 02.48.26

Here is a close up of the cable details.

2013-04-19 02.49.33

I love how squishy the dense cables make the piece. If only I had begun this project in December instead of April I might have been able to use it. At least it will be done in time for my trip to Ireland. I have a feeling I will need it there.

5 thoughts on “A New Project

    • I love your blog!!! The design is beautiful, the pics are amazing, and the writing is great. I look forward to enjoying future posts! Also, that cardigan is amazing. I adore cables, and if I lived in a perfect world, everything I wore would have cables on it! Lol. Lovely work 🙂

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