A Sweater Victory

After putting my sister’s sweater into time out for two weeks, I finally gathered the courage to finish it. Here it is happily blocking away2013-04-11 01.49.53

And here it is completely done and ready to be shipped off to my little sister for her birthday.

2013-04-11 02.58.24I know the picture is kind of weird but my white background is only so big.

In other news I have also completed a marvelous slouchy hat. I used Red Heart Eco Ways in Cinnabar. I can’t decide if I should block it into a beret shape or leave it as is. It is really soft and the yarn has a subtle color variation that makes the cables pop.

2013-04-11 02.00.14

I have also made considerable progress on my granny square stash buster blanket. I currently have 102 squares out of my planned 180. I think I will run out of my stash yarns that I have allotted for this project so I may have to supplement it a little bit.

2013-04-11 01.59.35My next big project is this lace-ish cardigan. It is called Fireside by Amy Christoffers.


I have been wanting to try lace knitting but I really don’t want to dedicate a whole project to it so this sweater is perfect. I’ll be using teal Red Heart Eco Ways yarn for this project. I picked it up at Joann’s on clearance at $1.50 per skein. I almost felt guilty for paying so little for so much yarn.

2 thoughts on “A Sweater Victory

  1. I just nominated you for the Leibster Award – I really enjoy reading your blog and think other people will too! Check out my latest post for more information.

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