Frustration, Procrastination, and Taking a Break

First of all I’d like to thank all my new followers for following and commenting. I really appreciate it and love talking to you all.

My apologies for not posting as regularly this week. I have been swamped at school lately and have not had the motivation to do one more bit of writing.

Now let’s talk about that black and pink sweater I have been posting about. Technically I finished the knitting last Saturday evening. I say technically because I have to rip out the button band. Picking up stitches is the most obnoxious skill needed in the knitting world.

DSCN9894Obviously it is not a skill that I have mastered quite yet. The right side is fine where the left side is all bunched and scrunched and junky. I couldn’t tell that it was all bunched until I cast off the button band so it was doubly frustrating. I was so excited to have finished it but no, I must redo the most dreaded part of the sweater.

DSCN9892This disappointment has squashed my will to knit for now so I traded in my needles for a hook. I started a solid colored granny square blanket. I decided to use all of my low quality acrylic bits that I can never seem to use up all the way and make them into one giant blanket. I have calculated that I will need about 180 squares to make it the size I want (double to queen size). So far I have 22 squares done. I have all colors of the rainbow in my stash so I hope to incorporate them all in this blanket. It may be a little ugly but it will be durable and cozy.




2 thoughts on “Frustration, Procrastination, and Taking a Break

  1. I feel your pain! Picking up stitches, I *dread*… It looks so good, though. It’ll be worth it 🙂

  2. Yup, the picking up of bands is one of the worst part of sweaters, and I hate it too. I’ve learned through bitter experience to always pick up more stitches than the pattern says. Perhaps it’s just something about my knitting tension!. Your sweater looks fabulous.

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