A Quick Sweater Update

I have successfully completed the body of my sister’s sweater and have begun the right sleeve. Most of the body was done while watching a couple marathons of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix.

DSCN9880Here is a picture of the bottom of the cardigan. I decided to include some of the hip shaping from the original pattern but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I probably won’t know until I see it on my sister.

DSCN9883 I added the pink stripe in the ribbing to bust up the monotony of the pure black. I used a technique I found on Webs’ blog to get clean striping. Basically when changing colors you ignore the rib pattern established and just knit a row straight of the new color. It creates a garter ridge on the wrong side and a clean stripe on the right side.


 The one thing that concerns me now is that the sleeves seem super skinny. The shoulders are also throwing me off size-wise quite a bit as well.


I suppose I will have to wait and see what the shape of the sweater looks like after I put the button and collar band on.



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