The Stash

The stash. All knitters have one. Surprisingly what they have in it and the size of it, can tell you a lot about the knitter themselves. I have seen a lot of bloggers posting photos of their current stashes and I was shocked at how small a lot of them were. I thought I would post some pictures of my stash to make the other prolific yarn buyers feel less guilty about accumulating a large hoard of fiber. There is nothing wrong with wanting options, at least this is what I tell myself when I have to buy a new Rubbermaid container to house my latest finds.


Currently my stash takes up one jumbo container and one medium sized container with a little left over. That little bit left over is usually set aside for my next project. I like to leave it out so I can get to know the color and how it looks in all different lighting. This blue Eco-Ways yarn fills this position in my stash. Perhaps it will be a sweater, perhaps it will be a baby blanket.


These are all of my full, untouched skeins of yarn. They await the perfect project and have been waiting for quite some time. A lot of these were impulse buys that I purchased with no project in mind. The orange Bernat and tan SMC Northern Wool were leftover from a blanket for my brother and a sweater for my boyfriend respectively.


This is my tub of balls. Yeah, I said it. I prefer to work with yarn when it is wrapped in a ball rather than straight from the skein. So, all of these balls are left over from previous projects or full skeins from frogged projects. Just so you know, this is the jumbo container. It is absolutely brimming with half skeins of yarn.


Lastly I have my bits/half done projects box. The one half contains all of those little bits of yarn that are only good for granny squares and color work. I used to have them in the jumbo container but it got way too chaotic when I was trying to find a certain color (aka a tangled mess). The other half holds a few projects that I have completely lost interest in working on but I haven’t decided if I will keep them or rip them out and salvage the yarn.

I feel like I have just told everyone a huge secret. If you feel guilty about the size of your fiber collection just think about the absolute ridiculousness of mine to help you feel better about it.

6 thoughts on “The Stash

    • It really does feel good, in fact sorting through it all the other day inspired me to make a rainbow blanket of some sort from all the bits and pieces.

  1. So, I am new to this stash concept; and somewhat new to knitting. My knitting teacher tells me that to be stash yarn, you have to buy it without specific plans for it. If that’s so, I don’t have a stash. But I _do_ have leftover yarns totaling maybe 2 shoeboxes’ worth. Do I have a stash?

    • Oh yes, that is totally a stash. A small stash, but a good one. Most of my collection is leftover yarns from other projects as well. Keep collecting! : ]

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