Sweater Beginnings

After successfully completing my first sweater, a simple cardigan (can be seen here) I promised my family that I would make them all sweaters for Christmas of 2013. I have spent much of January searching for perfect patterns for them all and much of February searching for the right yarn. Now I am finally to my favorite stage in the process, the making.


I started my sister’s sweater on March 9. She asked for a simple black boyfriend style cardigan with some random hot pink stripes. This sort of simplicity is not the norm when it comes to my sister as she is usually decked out in every color of the rainbow. I am now taking her simple style choice as a sign that she is beginning to mature.


The ‘Shapely Boyfriend’ Official Pattern Image


I am using a free pattern from Ravelry called the Shapely Boyfriend as the base of the sweater. I plan on omitting most of the shaping as my sister is a stick thin little lady with no shape whatsoever. I chose to use cheap and durable acrylic yarns for the sweater since my sister has yet to learn how to take care of her things. Maybe someday I will upgrade her from the Caron 1lb acrylic to a gentle and natural wool but this is not that day.

I will be posting my progress in my Ravelry notebook and most likely here as well.

I have also recently updated my Etsy store with a few colorful afghans (including my hexagon afghan from a previous post) and an incredibly cozy pair of mittens.

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