Patterns I’m Dying to Test Round #2

I have this problem where I get sidetracked from actual crafting with the prospects of new projects on the horizon. This week I have been making mittens in a desperate attempt to quickly get rid of some of my yarn stash. This confinement to simple mittens has got me lost deep in the pages of Pinterest looking for my next big project. Here are my top three picks at the moment.


The Chocolate Stout by Thea Colman

The texture of this cardigan is unreal. I love the ghost baby cables and the deep ribbing at the bottom of the piece and ends of the sleeves. The pockets are also coordinated perfectly into this deep ribbing so they do not disrupt the swirling stripes of texture throughout the body of the cardigan.





Perth Wrap by Naturally Caron with Cari Clement

I love the cabling on this piece. The staggered effect of the regularly twisted and untwisted cables add a lot of interest. The texture added by the seed stitching borders in combination with the purl stitch backdrop emphasizes the beauty of these simple stitches. If I was to make this piece I would make it in less outrageous colors, although the colors pictured strangely work together quite well. I would also alter this to be a cowl or long scarf instead of a wrap. Let’s be honest, wraps really aren’t that practical.



Mystery Cardigan found on Tumblr

Something about this grungy dude and his Navajo sweater is really inspiring. Maybe it’s the mustache or maybe it’s the retro color palette. Whatever it is, it makes me want to gather some weaving books and re-purpose some traditional designs.


No copyright infringement intended, all images can be linked through the hyperlinks back to their original sources.

3 thoughts on “Patterns I’m Dying to Test Round #2

  1. I favorited both of those sweaters so I can look into making those. Pretty much everything I had been looking for in my first sweater pattern. We shall see… thanks. and nice blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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