Afghan Addiction

Crocheting afghans is one of my favorite things to do. I love the process as it is both intensive and relaxing. It is also incredible to see something that began as an idea form in your hands into reality.

DSCN0301Yesterday I completed a hexagon afghan that I started in mid-January. The multi-colored hexagons were made from scrap yarn that I have been hoarding throughout my crafting career. I love that all color families are present in this afghan.

Each hexagon is bordered with two rows of double crochet and are then joined in a raised join with single crochet.


I used a classic granny hexagon motif pattern. You can find many adaptations of the granny hexagon on Ravelry.

It measures out to be approximately 40″ by 56′” making it the perfect size for a living room throw or a child’s blanket.


DSCN0343I can’t wait to have a better photo shoot with this one and get it listed in my Etsy store.


14 thoughts on “Afghan Addiction

  1. That’s beautiful!!! I like that it’s colorful. I’m crocheting a grannie squares blanket. So fun to make!! Enjoy your afghan!! =)

  2. Hey Heyyyy! Pretty nifty, swifty ^-^ That’s so awesome! I have to come up with something cool for my machine knitwear class project :0 and this is inspiring!

  3. Good work! I understand the calm sensation, I’ve read somewhere a little about meditation, and I think that crochet (and knitting too, maybe) helps in that, because when I crochet sometimes I’m chatting, or listening music or watching tv, but sometimes in silence I really do nothing else, and think in nothing, the hand works automatic, and mi mind is empty. Just for few minutes but I think thats the key!
    Have you experimented something similar? 🙂

    • I definitely have experienced this. I actually discovered that if I am stressed from school or whatever, that if I take an hour before bed to knit/crochet with nothing but music playing I sleep like a rock no matter what my worries are.

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  5. One of these days I am going to try a granny square afghan-preferably the hexagon. Love the way yours turned out. It’s beautiful and colorful!

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