3 Patterns I am Dying to Test


shawl in progress

Recently my mom commissioned me to make her a simple garter stitch shawl to help fight her problem with being perpetually cold. I gladly accepted this project as I had never made a shawl and I wanted to make something nice for my mom. The project has been fun to watch progress but its over simplicity has left me wanting a knitting challenge. This means I have been glued to Pinterest searching for the perfect complex pattern to take up once I finish the shawl. Here are a few of my current favorites.

Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

pattern1Though I am not a huge fan of knitted lacework, as it can often look frumpy, I have found myself being drawn to it more and more. This cardigan blends together chunky cables and delicate lace in such a fresh way that I am itching to brush up on my lace skills.



Chunky Cable Blanket by Therese Rabe of Onrus

pattern2Knitted throws have been dominating home decor photo shoots recently and I have been waiting for someone to make an accessible pattern for one of these beautiful blankets. This pattern is exactly that. It feeds my love for cables without going overboard and is made in pieces so your arms won’t fall off from the weight of a full size blanket. The best part about this perfect pattern though, is that it is free!


Classic Color Work Mittens

pattern3These cuddly mittens feature some classic stranded color work motifs that I would love to adapt into my own design. Stranded color work is something that I really enjoy doing but rarely have the patience to do it. If it is on a small project like a pair of wooly mittens I am sure that I would have no problem getting them done.



2 thoughts on “3 Patterns I am Dying to Test

  1. I am trying to master the lace knitting pattern with my Debbie bliss collar. It certainly is challenging my sanity……if that’s possible. That looks a lovely jumper pattern. 🙂

  2. I am sure it will come to you soon naturally! Your photos from that collar post are lovely, I dig the color of the collar you chose. And yes it does, I hope to start it soon!

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