Super Stitches–The Must Have Book Series For All Designers

The world of free patterns for handmade items is endless. Unfortunately most of those patterns are made by old ladies who haven’t looked in a fashion magazine since 1975. So, when searching for patterns I often give up and turn to a set of books for stitch inspiration. These books are Super Stitches Knitting and Super Stitches Crochet. These two books offer hundreds of stitches that can be adapted to create miraculous hats and cozy afghans that bear your signature style.

super stitches knittingSuper Stitches Knitting is a true piece of art in itself. The photography is simplistic and clean and the sample swatches are created from quality materials and a beautiful color palette.  This book has an extensive ‘knitting basics’ section that covers yarn, abbreviations, how to read charts, basic techniques (knit, purl, cast on, bind off), and caring for knitwear post-production.This book showcases a thorough sampling of all stitches you might want to try and even includes some fair-isle color work charts and motifs in the back of the book.


super stitches crochet

Super Stitches Crochet is a much more practical book. Though the swatch photography style is much the same as Super Stitches Knitting, the actual stitch swatches were created in an exclusively retro variety of colors. Though this design choice does not detract from the helpful qualities of the book it is distracting to look at lovely stitches in putrid colors. This book also has an extensive ‘crochet basics’ section that covers basic technique (chain, single crochet), abbreviations, how to read charts, and how to care for your pieces. The book offers a huge variety of mesh-type crochet stitches as well as an extensive section dedicated to Tunisian crochet techniques. If you are interested in Tunisian crochet this book is a great resource this as much of the free information you can access online is muddled and confusing.

These two books are must-haves for designers, due to their great basics review section,  clear stitch tutorials, and sleek design.

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