Brown Sheep and Lamb’s Pride

Brown Sheep1

The Brown Sheep Company as we currently know it is located in Mitchell, Nebraska and was founded in 1980. This company was born from the remains of the owners’ Grandfather’s previous sheep and wool business. Currently the Brown Sheep hosts a wool mill that cranks out thirteen different lines of yarn that all come in a multitude of colors that will surely satisfy any designer. These yarns are made predominantly from natural fibers  such as wool, cotton, and mohair. Brown Sheep proudly places a Made in the USA label on all of their products as they do all of the processing  within the country. Brown Sheep has updated their system in 2010 in order to make the wool refining and dyeing process more eco-friendly. Since this update the company has been able to recycle 70-90% of their waste water that would have been discarded with the previous system. Brown Sheep is a forward thinking fiber company that has taken the well being of the ecosystem into consideration as they think about the future impacts of their business.

My favorite yarn from the Brown Sheep Company is the most basic and most versatile of the bunch. It is Lamb’s Pride, a blend of two natural fibers, 85% wool and 15% mohair. The small amount of mohair gives the otherwise stiff wool a bit of flexibility and softness thatlambs pride would not be present if the yarn was 100% wool. The mohair also gives your worked piece a slight fuzz halo that unites different stitches  together to create a cohesive piece of knitting. Lamb’s Pride comes in 97 different colors, including solid, heathered and variegated varieties, and comes in a worsted weight and a bulky weight. This variety allows a designer to experience an overwhelming amount of opportunities. This yarn’s value is uncontested by any other Made in the USA wool blends as it comes in skeins of 190 yards for only nine dollars. Lamb’s Pride is a knitter’s yarn basket staple and if you haven’t tried this yarn yet, I highly suggest that you pick up a few skeins as soon as possible. Visit the Brown Sheep Company online to find a retailer near you and to explore the many other lines of yarn they offer.

Let me know what your favorite Brown Sheep Company product is and what projects you have used it for in the comments section. I will be sure to check out any recommendations from my fellow fiber enthusiasts.

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